Thursday, September 10, 2015

New History Articulation for MCTC’s LIT Program

The Minneapolis Community & Technical College Library Information Technology Program is excited to announce a new articulation agreement with the Metropolitan State University History Program.  Library Information Technology students who complete the Library Information Technology AAS can transfer into the Metropolitan State University History BA and begin as juniors.
This pathway is available to Library Information Technology students interested in taking their degree further.  A collegiate study of history can lead to many career options.  The practice of law, political activity, policy studies, archival science, library science and museum work are careers that commonly follow this pathway.
Students who want to pursue transfer to Metropolitan State should meet with an academic advisor to select coursework that prepares them for a transfer.  The Library Information Technology academic advisor is Laura Hanstad. 612.659.6139
Students who are interested but unsure about this course of study can speak with Library Information Technology faculty Tom Eland. 612-659-6286

Saturday, September 5, 2015

LIBT 2900: Library and Information Agencies Internships

Planning on doing a Library or Information Agency Internship? Be sure to plan ahead, and talk to the LIT internship coordinator prior to the start of the class!

If you are nearing the completion of the LIT program, and are planning to enroll in LIBT 2900: Library and Information Agencies Internship course, please contact the LIT internship coordinator to discuss the preparatory work you are each responsible for prior to the start of the course.

Spring 2016 LIT Internship Coordinator is Bill Vann
, who can be reached via email at: William.Vann(at)