Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Minnesota Opportunities for Reference Excellence

This would be a nice compliment to our program classes, for continuing education and networking, as a resume-builder.


MINITEX is pleased to announce a four-part series regarding core competencies of Minnesota Opportunities for Reference Excellence (MORE). Sessions will be offered over a four-week period. This series is HIGHLY interactive and will involve pre-work and post-work (1 hour) for each session. Participants are required to attend each session to receive a certificate of completion.

The MORE program and these training sessions are geared towards paraprofessionals and/or library staff new to the reference desk. Experienced library staff members are welcome to attend. Something new will be learned, and collective knowledge will be shared.

This series is limited to 8 participants; sign up today!

Thursdays, 10am-12pm, November 29- December 20, 2007

Tuesdays, 10am-12pm, January 29- February 19, 2008

WEEK 1: MORE: The Reference Interview (2 hours)

This webinar will cover what reference is and why it is important. Model reference behaviors (welcoming, paraphrasing, open questions, real information need, follow-up question) and the six pieces of evidence (purpose, deadline, type & amount, who, where, the basic question) will be
discussed, examined, and practiced. Legal and ethical issues involving librarianship, along with looking at libraries' communities, will be examined. Minnesota Volunteer Library Certification competencies for Public Services: Administrative 6 and 7, Direct User Services 3 and 4, Philosophy 2, 7 and 12 will be covered.

WEEK 2: MORE: Evaluating and Examining Electronic Reference Sources (2hours)

This webinar will cover searching in an electronic environment as well as tips for becoming a better information provider by evaluating and examining electronic reference sources and web sites. Different types of electronic sources will be covered including indexes, directories, full-text resources, the Internet, and virtual reference including e-mail and chat. Minnesota Volunteer Library Certification competencies for Public Services: Administrative 8, Direct User Services 5 will be covered.

WEEK 3: MORE: Evaluating and Examining Print Reference Sources (2 hours)

This webinar will focus on tips and tools for evaluating and examining print reference sources available in your library in order to become a better information provider. It will cover what makes a good print reference source as well as the importance of understanding how these resources are organized. This session covers almanacs, atlases, encyclopedias, ready reference tools, statistical sources, the MN Legislative Manual, and the U.S. Government Manual. Minnesota Volunteer Library Certification competencies for Public Services: Direct User Services 5 will be covered.

WEEK 4: MORE: Readers' Advisory (2 hours)

This webinar focuses on important aspects of Readers' Advisory Services. It will cover the basics of readers' advisory, including goals and skills of the service, the appeal of books including plot, character, and genre, and performing a readers' advisory interview. It will also cover ongoing places for professional development on the readers' advisory service using print materials, databases, blogs, and other available resources for librarians. Minnesota Volunteer Library Certification competencies for Public Services: Administrative 7, Direct User Services 6 will be covered.

***This series is approved for MN Voluntary Certification for 8 contact hours. ***

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