Monday, April 27, 2009

Minnesota Public Library Budget Shortfalls: A Conversation

The WebJunction Minnesota <> Team (State Library
Services, Metronet, & Minitex) is pleased to sponsor and announce the following upcoming webinar produced by the Public Library Division<>of the Minnesota Library Association <>.

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Minnesota Public Library Budget Shortfalls: A Conversation

Monday, June 08, 2009 - 10:00 AM ? 11:30 AM (Central Time)

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The Public Library Division (PLD) of the Minnesota Library Association is
excited to announce their first statewide webinar, "Minnesota Public Library
Budget Shortfalls: A Conversation."

There are many in the Minnesota public library community who are struggling
with budget shortfalls during these challenging economic times. PLD has
invited library directors from various types of public libraries -- large
and small, from the metropolitan area and from greater Minnesota to share
their ideas.

Featured guest speakers are:

- Audrey Betcher, Rochester Public Library

- Pat Conley, Washington County Library

- Jennifer Jepsen, Martin County Library

- Mary Lukkarila, Cloquet Public Library

- Marian Ridge, Kitchigami Regional Library

- Kim Edson, Chair of PLD to moderate

Each presenter will be addressing the following three questions:

1) What is your organization doing to address shrinking budgets -
especially at a time when library use is growing?

2) How have you developed strategic priorities for using the available
funding - what to keep/strengthen, what do you let go?

3) Political Capital - How do/did you develop it, when do you spend it?
(i.e., How have you established your library's value to the community at a
time when there is fierce competition for funding from all of your sources?)

MLA's Public Library Division believes this webinar is just the start to an
ongoing conversation and a way for our library community to share its
collective wisdom. PLD has created an online group to continue and expand
the conversation via *WebJunction Minnesota* at: Please join the group, participate, and share
with your Minnesota public library community. [To join the group be sure
that you have created an account with WebJunction Minnesota and have
affiliated with Minnesota].

*Who should attend?:*
Anyone interested in hearing from a panel of Minnesota public library directors and participating in a statewide conversation about public library budget shortfalls.

The Public Library Division<>of the Minnesota Library Association <> and the WebJunction
Minnesota <> Team (State Library Services, Metronet, & Minitex).

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Kimberly Edson, Head of Readers Services, Rochester Public Library

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Ann Walker Smalley, Metronet
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Mary Ann Van Cura, State Library Services
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