Monday, December 5, 2016

Job: Library Workstudy at MCTC Library

Minneapolis Community & Technical College
Job Description and Employment Information

SUPERVISOR: Chuck Paulson
PHONE: (612) 659 - 6290
LOCATION: Whitney Hall, Library
JOB TITLE: Library Student Employee

LENGTH OF EMPLOYMENT: Academic Year 2016-2017. (Length of employment determined by Student Employment authorization)


REQUIRED HOURS:The library is open 8am-10pm Monday – Thursday, 8am-6pm Friday, and 9am-4pm Saturday. Work hours will decided by availability and the staffing needs of the library.  

PURPOSE OF JOB: To assist the MCTC community in accessing the library’s collection through the use of library tools, and to help maintain the findability of the library’s collection.

Library work-study students are typically assigned to perform the following tasks:
  • Service desk assistance to students, faculty and staff
    • Check material in and out
    • Introductory help with searching the library catalog.
    • Help with basic printing, copying and technical support
  • Collection and library maintenance
    • Shelve books
    • Inventory collection
    • Clean
  • Technical services
    • Process new books and other collection materials
    • Update or withdraw currently owned items
Additional library projects and tasks will also be assigned as needed.

We will most seriously consider students with the following:
  • Experience with tutoring, especially in areas related to ITEC or BTEC
  • Customer service experience
  • Ability to effectively use modern computer applications, including search engines, the library catalog, e-mail, and MS Office.
  • Previous employment in libraries or other information agencies.
  • Enrollment or completion of INFS 1000.

  • Student worker will develop  Communication and Interpersonal   skills when staffing the service desks assisting students, faculty, and staff with access to materials as well as daily interactions with library staff.
  • Student worker will develop Technical skills when assisting patrons with troubleshooting problems  involving  computer applications such as MS Office, with printing issues, and while working daily with library software.
  • Student worker will develop Research skills when using the library catalog on a daily basis to search for materials for members of the MCTC community.