Wednesday, December 8, 2010

What do you think... Paralibrarian?

Dear Fellow Paralibrarian,

Let's convince Library Journal that we are proud PARALIBRARIANS. Each year Library Journal honors a paralibrarian (support staff, paraprofessional librarian) with a wonderful award recognizing the contributions and accomplishments of a notable paralibrarian, and "three to watch". It's a wonderful award and opportunity to spread the message about paralibrarian careers and what can be done in librarianship with or without a masters degree.

The November issue of ALA Associates has wonderful articles and information on the nomination process.

I am asking you to support a name update, to bring the LJ award into the 21st century! When I read "Paraprofessional of the Year" I ask myself, paraprofessional what? It's a generic term. Para means to stand by and support. Paramedics and paralegals define the professional within their name. Paralibrarians are beginning to embrace that concept also.

Please send an email to one or all of the following people who are on the Library Journal award committee. Tell them you support the update from paraprofessional to PARALIBRARIAN of the Year. These are wonderful people who already advocate for paralibrarians and are eager to hear from us.

Please send your email today with a simple message:

John Berry

Rebecca Miller Brian Kenney, LJ editorial director

As a Paralibrarian/Librarian, I support an update of the name of the Library Journal Award to "Paralibrarian of the Year". I applaud Library Journal for honoring paralibrarians, and hope the cover of the March 1, 2011 issue features an accomplished person with the recognition: Library Journal 2011 Paralibrarian of the Year.


Feel free to add your personal message too.



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