Thursday, April 28, 2011

20th Annual Minitex ILL Conference

20th Annual Minitex ILL Conference

Date & Location

Tuesday, May 10, 2011
8:30 AM – 3:15 PM

Continuing Education & Conference Center
University of Minnesota—St. Paul Campus
1890 Buford Avenue
St. Paul, MN 55108
(formerly known as the Earle Brown Center)


Registration Fee
$45.00 for first person, $35.00 for each additional person registering from the same library. When completing the registration form, please list only one participant per form. Please send all registrations in together to qualify for multiple participant discount.

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Keynote Presentation – "Why the Future Needs Libraries"

Patricia Martin.Patricia Martin
CEO and Founder, LitLamp Communications

Patricia Martin, author of the popular book, RenGen: Renaissance Generation, shares her most current research on what we can expect from the coming cycle of re-birth. A sought after strategist who understands how to use the culture as a medium to reach communities of users, Martin has worked with clients such as Discovery Channel, Microsoft, and Target. She reveals what lies at the beating heart of the social movements forming the next wave of opportunity. Martin understands the challenges ahead for libraries and provides solid ideas for how to respond so they are reborn, not left behind.

Patricia Martin is CEO and founder of LitLamp Communications, a marketing and communications boutique acclaimed for using culture as a medium to connect brands with communities of consumers. Martin tunes in to social tremors before they become trends to help clients win hearts and change minds. She conjured a strategy for the Asian tour of the New York Philharmonic, spearheaded a viral Information Privacy initiative funded by George Soros, launched Animal Planet, introduced Dannon products into school lunch rooms nationwide, and re-focused Sun Microsystems' higher education strategy.

Before founding her firm in 1995, Martin created the first-of-its-kind sponsorship marketing division for the American Library Association. While there, she partnered with some of the world's most recognized brands, including Microsoft, where she built the blueprint for what is now the Gates Library Foundation, an initiative Mr. Gates believes "History will get right," as his most important legacy. (New York Times, Nov. 6, 2002).

Martin has been featured in the Chicago Tribune, the New York Times, NPR, the Wall Street Reporter, Market Watch, Harvard Business Review, and Advertising Age.

Morning Presentation – "Resource Sharing: Perspectives on the Future"

Bill DeJohn.Bill DeJohn
Director, Minitex

DeJohn will share his views on changes in resource sharing and impacts that he foresees in the coming years. This includes copyright, e-books, licensing, delivery, HathiTrust, and other issues. He will discuss how these issues will affect the Minitex participating libraries and ultimately, our end users. And, he'll talk about what we can do to prepare for this future.

Afternoon Presentation – "Perceptions of Libraries"

George Needham.George Needham
Vice President for Global and Regional Councils, OCLC

George Needham is Vice President for Global and Regional Councils at OCLC in Dublin, Ohio. His primary responsibilities include OCLC's Global and Regional Councils, being part of OCLC's Speakers Bureau, and the OCLC Library. He's an occasional contributor to The OCLC Cooperative blog, and, with his consulting partner Joan Frye Williams, to Viral Optimism. Since July 2010, he has also had a private consulting business practice, focusing on library sustainability strategy.

A librarian for nearly 30 years, George has worked in a variety of settings: at three public libraries, as state librarian of Michigan, and in several library-related nonprofit organizations. He holds MLS and BA degrees from the University at Buffalo, New York, and has taken additional courses at Fisher College of Business at Ohio State University. His sole brush with non-library fame was as a two-time champion on the television show Jeopardy in 1994.

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