Monday, April 25, 2011

Summer and Fall Course Registration is Open!

MCTC's registration for both summer and fall semesters is now open.


There are 7 sections of INFS 1000 Information Literacy & Research Skills offered this summer, so if you have managed to miss taking this course in your first year of Library Information Technology coursework, OR if you're a new student planning to take LIBT 1100 this fall, this is a great time to work it into your schedule. One of the online sections has already filled, but there are still "seats" in the other two online sections. There are four face-to-face sections offered. Be sure to let your student colleagues know, and remind them that students should take INFS 1000 in their first 24 credits.



INFS courses for fall include 17 sections of INFS 1000 Information Literacy & Research Skills, four of which are online. If you're planning to start the program this fall, we strongly recommend that you make INFS 1000, which is required for both the Public Information Services and Technical Information Services certificates, and the A.S. and the new A.A.S, one of the first courses you take. It will help you with success in your subsequent program and liberal arts coursework.

One of the recommended program elective courses, INFS 2510 Necessary Illusions: A Critical Introduction to the Information Age, is only offered fall semesters. This course is being offered this year for the first time as a "blended course," which means that it meets face to face for some of the class time, and online for the rest. It will be meeting roughly every other Wednesday evening through the semester.

INFS 2600 Ideas, Censorship and Politics is required for anyone getting their A.S. or A.A.S. in Library Information Technology, and is only offered fall semesters. Like other Library Information Technology program courses, this course is offered fully online.


We're excited this fall to introduce a new course to our Library Information Technology program offerings. This is a great course to take if you're an alum or a community member, in addition being a good option for students wishing to complete the new A.A.S. degree offering. We're offering LIBT 1410 Topics in Library Information Technology, a 1 credit topics course which will change focus with each offering. For this first offering, we are THRILLED that MCTC librarian and collection development guru Julie Setnosky will be teaching:

Collection Development Trends
We will consider some of today’s collection challenges such as: What is the role of print resources in the modern library? How do digital subscription packages affect collection building? Which new trends like patron-driven acquisitions and Ereaders will prevail? How will the relationship between libraries and publishers shake out? Take this class and explore together!

This course will meet in-person one time on Saturday, 8/27 from 12:45-3:30 p.m. with the rest of the class time spent online. LIBT 1100 is a co/prerequisite for this course, or you can obtain permission of the instructor to register if you're taking this course as a non-degree seeking student.

LIBT 1100 Introduction to Information Agencies, the gateway course to our LIT degrees and certificate programs, will again be taught by the amazing Jennifer Sippel and is only offered fall semesters. Over and over, students finish this course with a whole new outlook on the work of libraries in their respective communities, and are ready to dive into the other program courses.

LIBT 2210 Introduction to Indexing and Abstracting is required for our LIT A.S., A.A.S., and Technical Information Services certificate. This course is only offered fall semesters, and is a great class for those wishing to learn more about metadata and indexing. If you work in editing or other publishing fields, or work in programming and database management, this is a great course to take as a continuing education course. LIBT 1200 Introduction to Technical Information Services is a prerequisite, or you can receive permission of the instructor to enroll.

LIBT 2300 Online Searching and Reference Services is another great class to take as continuing education. If you're working in a library or other position where you're asked to work on research projects, this course can be a lifesaver! It is required for our LIT A.S., A.A.S., and Public Information Services certificate, and is only offered fall semesters. LIBT 1300 Introduction to Public Information Services is a prerequisite, or you can receive permission of the instructor to enroll.

Last but not least is LIBT 2900 Library/Information Agency Internship. Completing the internship is required for students completing the A.S. or A.A.S., and for our certificate students, it is highly recommended for anyone not currently working in the library field. The internship is intended to be a capstone experience, so all 2000-level LIBT courses are co/prerequisites for this course, or you can receive permission of the instructor to enroll. If you are going to graduate with the A.A.S., you have the option of taking a 3 or 4 credit (120 or 160 hours) internship.

If you have questions about courses or course sequencing, please contact:

Ginny Heinrich
Information Studies Department and Library Information Technology Program Coordinator