Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A Call for Zine Collection Interns @ Minneapolis Community & Technical College Library

Minneapolis Community & Technical College Library is looking for Zine Collection Interns to help with some special projects for the MCTC Zine Collection during the fall of 2012 and spring of 2013.  

Interns can expect to work on the following:
  • Cataloging zines using our newly developed xZINECOREx metadata standard (derived from Dublin Core) and physical processing (labeling, filing, organizing files, etc.)
  • Working with zine donations and zine collection development
  • Helping with the development of a "Minnesota Zine Collection"
  • Creating attractive zine displays and working with the zine space
  • Helping with MCTC Zine Collection events and promotional work
We are interested in anyone who:
  • Is interested in zines
  • Is an active participant in the Twin Cities zine community
  • Has a strong background in cataloging or metadata entry
  • Has experience with event planning and promotional work
  • Has experience with creating displays and working with space
  • Is studying Library Science at any level (MLIS, LIS, or LIBT)
*you do not need to meet all the requirements above; we have different ideas for what this internship could look like!

Some things to know about MCTC Library and this internship:
  • This internship is not paid
  • You can have a flexible work assignment with a great degree of independence, though we would like to have a weekly time commitment over the course of a semester (or 2)
  • MCTC Library is a collaborative workplace that values the input and contributions of everyone working here, we hope to learn from you
  • We have a great deal of experience working with interns and we value the learning process
If you are interested in being a Zine Collection Intern, please send a resume and a letter of interest to:

Elissah Becknell
Minneapolis Community & Technical College Library
Librarian & Instructor

MCTC Library Website: http://library.minneapolis.edu/
Current Zine Catalog (this will be changing soon!): http://zines.minneapolis.edu/

We would like to set up interviews right before our semester begins during the second or third week of August, the internship would begin soon after that.