Monday, September 19, 2011

College of DuPage Press: Library Futures Update

MCTC LIT program will continue to host the College of DuPage Press Library Futures presentations. However, there are no presentations scheduled at this time. Here is an update from their website:

We’re on the move…

We are moving our teleconference production studios to a brand new facility. The relocation of College of DuPage’s Multimedia Services department will cause a brief interruption in teleconference production this fall. We are busy planning the finest continuing education and professional development programming to a nationwide community of library professionals for the spring of 2012. Our new studio is well-equipped to bring you the same high-quality programming you expect streamed directly to your facility.

Library Futures will return soon…

College of DuPage and the Library Learning Network are planning two Library Futures teleconferences this season, beginning in 2012. Dates are yet to be determined. Detailed information on those two programs will be posted as soon as it is available. During this transition, the Library Futures staff is carefully reviewing your feedback from last season in order to develop programs that will be most beneficial to you.