Monday, September 26, 2011

Volunteers Needed: Quatrefoil Library “Barcode the Books” Project

Quatrefoil Library ( needs volunteers to help with our barcoding and inventory project. Students who know their way around LC call numbers especially in demand!

Work with a volunteer leader and crew to physically place barcodes on books, DVD’s and videos.

We’ve been working during the hours that the library is closed (M-F 9AM-6PM, Sat-Sunday evenings) in 3 hour blocks.

We have 20,000 items to barcode and expect this project to continue until December.

Physical ability and manual dexterity helpful ( bending and reaching to grab books, handle barcode stickers, push bookcarts) see us for other tasks if needed. Attention to detail a must.

Please send an email to message line “Barcoding” and crew times will be arranged. Don’t have email? Leave a message for Karen at the library 651-641-0969. Thank you!