Wednesday, October 19, 2011

American Association of School Librarians (AASL) Annual Conference

When: Thursday October 27- Sunday October 30, 2011

Where: Minneaoplis, MN

Who/What: "Turning the Page: 15th National Conference & Exhibition" is the national conference for the AASL, which is the K-12 School Librarian division of the ALA.

Why: Professional development, networking, continuing education, inspiration, etc.

Registration: Well, this is a national conference, so registration is kinda steep. However, you can visit the exhibits for $25 (the exhibits do not include any of the sessions or keynote speakers, just the vendors and tables). Or, you can join AASL at the student member rate of $53 and then pay the on-site student member registration rate of $205 for the entire conference, which comes to $258, which is a better deal than registering for the entire conference at the on-site non-member rate of $455. There are lots of options--including attending for just one day--so be sure to check the AASL Registration website for more details.

Questions: If you've never been to a national conference and have questions about attending one, please feel free to contact me ( for more information.