Monday, April 29, 2013

Job Posting: U of MN Library Assistant 2

Required/Preferred Qualifications
High school diploma or GED. Two (2) years of college coursework and/or relevant library experience. Experience using library resources. The physical ability to lift up to 20 pounds and to transport heavy materials on a pushcart. Position requires some reaching and stooping. 

Strong written and verbal communication skills. Willingness to work in a dynamic collaborative environment. Experience with Microsoft Office Suite & working with managers to develop training for student employees. 
Demonstrated ability to manage multiple assignments and meet deadlines; ability to work independently; strong interpersonal skills; demonstrated ability to provide high level of customer service to user community. 
This position has primary responsibility for staffing and closing Wilson Library on Saturdays, opening Wilson Library on Sundays, and staffing the desk throughout the week. This position assists with stacks management functions including searching, paging, monitoring the disposition of the collection, signage, stacks equipment and workspaces. This position also participates in student supervision and acts as a resource person for users. This position works in concert with access, information, and stacks management coordinators, and other student supervisors to contribute to the overall 
goals of Collections, Information and Access Services. 

100% appointment, 40 hours per week. Scheduled between the varied hours of 7:00 am - 9:00 pm, Mondays - Sundays, ** hours changes based on Academic calendar.** 
This position is responsible for closing Wilson Library on Saturdays and opening Wilson on Sundays. Typical work schedule Wednesday - Friday 10:30 am - 7:30 pm, Saturday 12:30 pm - 9:00 pm, Sunday 11:00 pm - 6:00 pm. 

50%: Information & Access Services (including Borrowing Privileges & Fines) 
-Staffs the information services desk, providing reference, information and access services that require judgment and informed appraisal of the user's needs, based on thorough working knowledge of relevant library policies, procedures, tools and facilities. 
-Serves as a front-line staff for digital information services, answering questions in the campus-wide chat, email queues, and making referrals as appropriate. May include evening and weekend hours 
-Interprets circulation and MNCAT records for users. 
-Makes in person and phone referrals. 
-Assists users in use of online and print materials. Instructs/assists users in use of online and print materials. Provides instruction in effective database search skills; beginning and advanced Boolean searching, truncation etc. Continuously develops skills related to subject and new collections/materials/eresources 
-Offers support and guidance in using information effectively in all formats. 
-Assists users with library equipment and technology (e.g., photocopier, scanner, ValuPort, microfiche/film machines, laptops, and personal devices such as tablets, smart phones, mobile site assistance, etc.). 
-Troubleshoots basic computer and printer problems at public workstations. Serves as backup to staff in the SMART Learning Commons and branch libraries to assist users with software & hardware, and to troubleshoot technology issues. 
-Communicates with library users and other library units concerning records, holdings, policies, and procedures issues. 
-Performs daily maintenance (emptying recycling, lobby pick-up, hold shelf checks and pulling, monitoring print daemon). 
-Takes appropriate action during building emergencies. 
-Checks-in/checks-out material; processes recalls, renewals, returns and problem books, and troubleshoots user access issues. 
-Creates Circulation records for materials as needed. 
-Processes Get-it holds and Rush Requests. 
-Records, maintains and submits unit statistics using standardized recording forms. 
-Promotes consistency of service standards, best practices and high standards for customer service. 
-Forwards items for corrections and/or repair to appropriate units. 
-Orders office supplies and printing jobs. 
-Creates and renews Public Workstation Access cards for guest users. 
-Communicates with students, special privileges borrowers, and Friends of the Library patrons regarding overdue items. 
-Communicates with faculty and staff regarding overdue items. 
-Interprets and negotiates fines within established guidelines (e.g. overdue fines, items on loan). Refers difficult transactions. 
-Processes replacement copies. 
-Processes credit card payment transactions. 
-Enters payment information in Aleph for fines, lost books, etc. 
Program/Unit Description
(CONT..from Duties/Responsibilities) 

-Updates and corrects patron records, including address issues, blocks, holds, and notes; adjusts patron statuses, types, and expiration dates as necessary. 
-Re-activates, creates, and renews library cards for Special Borrowers (students and faculty of other educational institutions, and government agencies), Friends of the Library (Alumni, donors, corporate, and non-profit), and UCards for new registrants. 

10% Student Supervision: 
-Prepares work schedules and manages scheduling changes. 
-Monitors student work, provides appropriate feedback, and documents work-related issues. 
-Works with students to improve performance, resolves student personnel problems. 
-Acts as backup for student duties. 
-Trains student staff for unit operations. 

15% Stacks Management: 
-Directs and monitors students, and participates in work in the library collections including pick-up, paging, maintenance, searches, shifts and shelving. 
-Monitors shelf space in the library collections; is alert and reports problems or issues to appropriate staff. 
-Assists with monitoring and participating in work in the book return and delivery functions. 
-Monitors shelf space in the library collections; is alert and reports problems or issues to appropriate staff. 
-Assists with planning and implementing shifts and other projects using established guidelines. 
-Assigns and oversees students, and participates in routine or informal collection shifts. 

25% Committee Work, Special Assignments & General Department Support: 
-Coordinates graduate carrel processing and assignments. 
-Coordinates the collection, analysis and reporting of statistics related to functional work. Creates informational charts and prepares reports; shares with appropriate library departments and staff. 
-Removes academic holds, library blocks, and notes in PeopleSoft. 
-Shares expertise with colleagues, seeks expertise when needed; works collaboratively with colleagues and manages workflow to cover desk shifts and referrals as needed. Creates, monitors and updates documentation for Department functions. 
-Attends and participates in unit and departmental meetings and functions. 
-Provides backup support as needed for other activities of the department. 
-Serves on Libraries-wide groups and committees as assigned. 
-Contributes ideas for improving unit policies, procedures, and services. 
-Develops and maintains familiarity with University and library resources, policies and procedures. 
-Keeps current with technological advances within University Libraries. 
-Learns new software and applies it to support library functions/activities. 
-Processes Final Notices for overdue items. 
-Provides support in processing replacement & refund requests. 
-Works with Functional Area coordinators to update information on the Web/Wiki page. 
-Maintains unit website. 

The Wilson Collections, Information & Access unit is part of the Access and Information Services Department (AIS) within the Research & Learning Division of the University of Minnesota Libraries. The unit staffs three desks and provides a wide variety of services including reserves, fines, in-person and digital information services, borrowing privileges, and circulation. The unit also oversees book return operations, re-shelving materials, maintaining the collections and stack spaces throughout Wilson Library Collections. The unit employs over 50 student workers, in addition to full time employees.