Thursday, May 5, 2011

ALA-APA Sessions at ALA Annual

ALA-APA is hosting a full roster of programs at Annual Conference. There’s the 8 part MBA Series for Librarians (all are welcome) and 5 Programs for the People.

Also, on Sunday, 6/26/2011, 4:00 – 5:30 pm, MCC 265, there will be a Library Support Staff Certification Program Open Forum - ALA has developed a national, voluntary Library Support Staff Certification Program (LSSC Program). The program is focused on skills that public and academic library support staff have or need. This is an exciting time to attend and learn more about this opportunity. Speaker: Nancy Bolt.

All details for the programs below are listed on the ALA-APA website at

1. Are you certifiable? How you and your library can benefit from ALA certification programs

2. Making a positive lasting impression

3. MBA for Librarians: Budget and Finance

4. MBA for Librarians: Leadership I

5. MBA for Librarians: Leadership II

6. MBA for Librarians: Marketing

7. MBA for Librarians: Organizational Development

8. MBA for Librarians: Project Management

9. MBA for Librarians: Statistics

10. MBA for Librarians: Strategic Planning

11. Speaking the Unspeakable: Getting comfortable talking about compensation and benefits

12. Negotiation: What else is on the table?

13. Welcome to Planet FURLOW: Advice for Furloughed, Underemployed, Restless, and Laid Off Workers.

For those of you not going to conference, before and after conference we often publish articles about the program topics. For instance, there is a series on working a second job in Library Worklife, profiling the various types of jobs library employees are working and how they made those decisions:

Spring into a side gig: Tips from Cheryl Lee -

The professional part timer by Catherine Collins -

It’s been a hard day’s search by Anne Larrivee -

I never thought I’d have to work a second job by Patricia Chapman -




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