Friday, March 22, 2013

Why should you make a zine?

Minneapolis Community & Technical College Library
Saturday March 30th 2013 9am-3pm

A zine is a self-publication, motivated by a desire for self-expression, not for profit. -Jenna Freedman

DIY Zine Publishing and Button Making 10am-1pm 2pm-3pm

Don’t just consume, produce! Learn how to make different types of zines with zine collection intern, Linda Nguyen. There will be guidance on various formats and layouts, and we’ll have plenty of crafty supplies on hand to get creative with. Make your very own zine to take home, share with friends, and even donate back to the library to keep the collection growing! Come with an idea, we’ll help you realize it.  We will also have a button maker on hand to create extra DIY swag.

More information about the whole event: 

Why should you make a zine?

To express yourself

To say something of vital importance or say nothing of any significance

It’s not difficult to express yourself

Think about what you are currently doing.  Does it exemplify your life?  Is it some kind of metaphor?  Does it make you feel strong emotions or does it leave you feeling empty?  Would you like to share this experience with others?  Do you think you are experiencing something common to the human experience? 

You could write about what you are currently doing. 

Think about what you would rather be doing.  Is it something you have done before?  Is it a really great story you should share with others?  Is it your hobby?  Are you an expert or a well versed amateur?  Is it something you have never done?  Is it an aspiration or dream?  Do you have any idea how to make it happen?  Do you just want to say it so someone might hear?

You could write about something you would rather be doing.

Our zines are full of stories about everyday life and the dreams and aspirations behind it.  There are short stories, poems, song lyrics, recipes, instructions, collages, pictures, drawings, paintings, ramblings and truisms.   They all express some small part of being human.  Below are some excerpts from our collection: a recipe for sweet potato cake, a postcard correspondence, a music mix about high school, a cartoon excerpt and 2 short story excerpts.

Don’t get hung up on the format or the expertise necessary to express yourself.  Just bring your idea and we’ll help you!  We’ll have markers, glue sticks, scissors, paper, stamps, ink, magazines for collage making and tape!  If you are an MCTC student with a student ID, you can also have access to a printer/copier and a laptop!  We have a whole collection of zines to look at for inspiration and examples.