Saturday, March 30, 2013

Wobblies, Black Panthers and Riot Grrrls, oh my! Alternative Knowledge, INFS 2520 coming your way THIS SUMMER!

Looking for a Summer semester Information Studies elective? Want to learn more about the role of dissident knowledge, propaganda and consent in shaping and influencing a democratic society? Want to learn more about how "mainstream" and "alternative" ideas shape our world views and about various dissident groups and movements from the 18th century to the present that have communicated outside of the mainstream? If so, you should take Alternative Knowledge, INFS 2520, this summer! For details and to register, visit:

After this summer, this 3-credit course will not be offered again until Spring 2014. This course will meet twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons during Summer semester. Also, tell your friends! This is an Information Studies course, and NOT limited to students in the LIT program! This course fulfills MnTC Goal Areas 5 (History and the Social and Behavioral Sciences) and 9 (Ethical and Civic Responsibility).

Please contact Amanda Mills at with any questions!