Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Internship at HCL

Franklin Learning Center Intern

Opening Date: 12/16/13

Closing Date:  1/6/14

Job Type: Internship

Location: Franklin Library, 1314 East Franklin Avenue, Minneapolis, Minnesota

The Position
The Franklin Learning Center (FLC) provides adults with resources to educate themselves. Learners, instructors and trained volunteers work collaboratively, trusting each other’s wisdom and experience. In partnership with other local organizations, we create a vibrant, cross-cultural learning community. At FLC, people are empowered with the knowledge they need to fulfill their professional, family and community roles.

This unpaid internship is for the duration of one semester, January - May 2014, 6 - 12 hours per week and may be used for college credit or work experience.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities include:
·      Tutoring adult students one-on-one and helping them with
o   Basic English and math skills
o   GED and United States citizenship exam preparation
·      Assisting the Franklin Learning Center Staff with
o   Monitoring and assessing learners’ academic progress
o   Ensuring a good fit between each student’s study materials and his/her goals and skill level
o   Designing student study plans
o   Developing new lessons about skills the students would like to master or about particular topics in which the students have a strong interest
·      Work with staff to compile a collection of student’s writings
o   Develop new writing prompts for students
o   Provide feedback and edit students writing
o   Design layout for publication
o   Plan semi-annual student reading celebration

Best Qualified Candidates will have:
·      Exhibited flexibility, patience and enthusiasm with adult students
·      Proficiency with maintaining professional boundaries
·      Interest in tutoring adult students reading at elementary grade level
·      Experience working or volunteering in an educational setting
·      Not completed an internship with Hennepin County Library in the past

To Apply:
Submit a resume, brief cover letter outlining your qualifications for this internship, and contact information for two references to:
Barb McKenzie
Hennepin County Library - Ridgedale
12601 Ridgedale Drive
Minnetonka, MN 55305